Sunday, December 21, 2008

Four of Three Stockings

I set out to complete three stockings and I've done it. The plain stocking was done last and will eventually be decorated for ME. Hadn't planned that, but I wanted to photograph a stocking in steps for a tutorial. I photographed each stage and wrote notes as I knit. I'll post the tutorial as soon as I can. From right to left the stockings are : Binary, Plain, Claymore, Dragon. The reverse sides of the stockings are done in knotwork, which I will photograph and post later.

I really liked the fact that these stockings were knitted flat. The flat surface made it much easier to decorate and I could customize each stocking for the recipient. I can also go back and make changes. The leg and foot sections were seamed separately. I'm already planning on adding something to the foot of the Dragon stocking- as soon as I figure out what motif would look good.
They'll never me done......