Friday, April 15, 2011

Circuit Portrait City Skyline

Don't even try to make sense of the title. It is pure stream-of-consciousness. This project is a combination of several ideas that have been in my brain for the past year or two or three. That means I had piles of paper all over the house. Here are the projects.

1. PCB/Circuit Board- I have wanted to knit some version of this for about three years. My first prototype ended with me impaling my hand on a size 000 steel needle. I have a lot of pixellated circuit motifs sitting around. I have yet to decide which style I will use. It is most likely to be a squared off version that is suitable for knitting.

2. Self portrait- Total accident. I found a profile of a female face with circuits for hair. Ping. I also dug up some yarn that is close to my skin tone.

3. Skyline- Another long term plan. I've been looking to do a knitted skyline for a long time, but never found the right chart. Lately I have been reading about Bauhaus Art and Art Moderne/Art Deco. Ping. I have a number f pixellated buildings that I will use for a custom skyline.

4. I found a graphic purporting to be an outline of the Pittsburgh skyline. I'd like to use it, but it may not be right for this project.

5. I have Glow-in-the-Dark yarn. I MUST use this. It would be perfect for the windows.

6. The Areceibo Message will be knit into the scarf. I dreamed this, so it has to happen.

These projects are being conjoined so that they appear back-to-back in the same scarf/stole. Purely practical matter of hiding loose ends.

Finally, This is being knit on size 3 needles in fingering yarn. It's going to take a long time or it with drive me nuts....probably both. This will also consume a nice chunk of stash yarn in dark colors, blues and black and white/glow. I may use a multicolored yarn for the circuit portion. This project will evolve.

Qulited Lattice Mitts

These mitts were also made for the gift stash. The pattern is Quilted Lattice Mitts. They were a pretty easy knit, albeit a pain in the thumb gusset. For that reason, I might not make another pair anytime soon. Interestingly, they are made with the same number of stitches, on the same needles as the Jacoby Mitts. These were knit in stockinette stitch, while the Jacobies were knit in ribbing. For me, at least, the Jacoby mitts were snug and a much better fit. I have small hands. This version may be fine for most larger hands.
They were made with KnitPicks, Palette in Black with Fushia trim, on size 3 needles.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Blue Jacoby

This time I am pleased. This pattern is a keeper. The pattern is called Jacoby. It is easy and perfectly suited to self patterning yarns. These went in the gift stash. I shall absolutely may a few more iterations of this pattern. At least one set will be for myself. Of course, I found this pattern in the Spring, after suffering through another Winter in a drafty office and house.
Note: I have no idea way the Barbara G. Walker book is sitting there. Wait...I was looking up slip stitch patterns for....I forget..........