Sunday, August 30, 2009

Periodic Table: Chart of Updated Elements

Here is my graph of the recent updates to the Periodic Table of the Elements. My update is based on the original charts of Avital Pinnick. I am insanely grateful to Avital for having such a great idea. Avital's Periodic Table Sweater and original charts can be found at her blog, This and That. I have used her layout and style so that the new or changed elements can be incorporated right in with the elements that she charted. I have chosen to arrange my project according to the 2007 (most recent) IUPAC version of the Table. I have also chosen to add element 112, Copernicum, which was officially named this year. I will also probably add the temporarily named elements that have three-letter symbols. I have charted these symbols, but had to compress the letters. I would suggest duplicate stitching the temporary symbols so that official symbols could be added later. I'll add photos as the new elements get stitched into my shawl.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Pink Beanies, Decidedly Done

Here are the finished beanies. One has been sent out to the recipient. The second one should be sent or delivered soon, but was not a surprise. Haven't heard anything, but I do hope they like them.....handmade and all that. I certainly like the results and would wear them. In fact, I may make one to match my own coat.......

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Periodic Table Knit pt. 2

I've put in the Reactive Metals and am starting to fill in the Transition Metals, along with the Lanthanoids and Actinoids. I'm doing the groups together so I can keep everything aligned properly. Tentatively, the Transition Metals have been worked in a variegated blue yarn, shown at left. Surprisingly, the photos help me decide which colors work best. When I am stitching, I am too close to the work. The photo provides a real sense of detachment.

The variegated blues may be too pale to read in the lightest areas. I will try the next few blocks using the darker sections. Based on the sample, I'll try the following.....

Outlines in blue/green twist and variegated blues.
Transition Metals- medium/darker blues
Lanthanoids- Blue/green twist
Actinoids- Blue/lavender variegated

The newer elements are coming up. The chart that I am using for the majority of the elements comes from the Periodic Table Sweater by Apinnick.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Periodic Table Shawl Knit with Updated Elements

Let me say right off that I am using the chart so kindly posted by Apinnick for her Periodic Table Sweater. My background is in Biochemistry and I love Chemistry. This sweater grabbed my attention immediately, especially since I used to wear a yellow periodic table T-shirt in high school. (long term geek that I am)

Instead of a sweater, I am making a flat shawl/throw in worsted weight cotton yarn. I chose this yarn because I've had a couple of CONES of the stuff sitting around since 2006, driving me nuts. The numerical description of the background is at least 120 stitches by at least 215 rows. Note that I am doing this SIDEWAYS. The sideways orientation fits my knitting frame and my (im)patience level. I would have gone bonkers knitting this by hand right now. I have other stuff to finish on a deadline.

I chose to knit the background in stockinette stitch on a Bond knitting frame. I knit 11 rows of white, then 1 row of (blue-green) contrast yarn. The contrast yarn helps me define the squares of the Table and serves as a counting device. Also, when complete, I want the background to evoke the idea of "notebook paper" and "graph paper". Besides, that, it was in my stash.......

So far, I have knit the background. I have not bound off the edges because I will hand knit some sort of edging later. I'm considering stitch patterns, etc.

I'm doing the actual elements in duplicate stitch, rather than knitting them in with the background. As I go, I'm making decisions about color and arrangement. (That means digging up stash yarn).

Important Note: The original Periodic Table Sweater was made in the late 1990's. There have been a number of new elements that have been discovered/ approved since then. IUPAC (International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry) has approved names for some of these elements and had temporary names for others. I am going to make (and post) a chart for some of the updated elements. Also, there are a few variations on the arrangement of the Periodic Table. My version will be slightly different from Apinnick's version. The new elements get added and the actinoids and lanthanoids are slightly different. Here is a version of the Periodic Table that shows the new elements, starting from the Atomic Number 104.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Pink Beanie, Decidedly Delicate

What I'm working on right now. The pattern is from Ravelry, called Decidedly Delicate. It has an easy 4 row pattern repeat. I'm making two hats, one each on size 8 and size 9 circular or double point needles. Nice, fun, mindless knitting. I'm making the hats for two girls, one will be turning 9 soon and one who will be somewhat older. The pink yarn is a departure for me, but I like it. It was chosen by one of the (future) gift recipients.
Stiil playing with trim. One girl wants a bow. The first hat has a crocheted flower trim,- my call. We will see about the bow.....

Friday, August 7, 2009

Jellyfish I

These photos are what I have at the moment. The jellyfish could be considered complete, but I think additional tentacles are needed. I need to give it a good long stare in a dark room (it glows). Then I will try out tentacles and various accents in s "glow", pink, or clear cord. The clear cord is being reserved for a transparent knit first. These photos were taken with the unwilling cooperation of two surly teenagers who specified they be edited out.

Details: This was knit using two skeins of Bernat "Glow in the dark" Yarn in white. I used size 7 needles, both double point and a 24" circular. For the body, I cast on 174 stitches on the double point needles and did 10 paired decreased evenly around the circle every other row. Then i closed the center. The tentacles were formed from a long (6-7 foot) length of ruffle. I knit this by filling a 24" circular needle with stitches. I knit a row, then formed a double increase in each stitch, to form the frill. I knit for about 1.5 inches in garter stitch and bound off the ruffle.
Assembly: Weave a length of yarn around the edge of the circle leaving long ends, to form a drawstring. Use the drawstring to pull the edge of the circle in until the shape is pleasing. Stuff the bell if you like. The ruffled strip was folded into quarters and attached to the body. I also used a cardboard circle to hold in the stuffing. For now, the tentacles are tied to the cardboard circle. They may be attached directly to the body once I finalize the shape a add additonal tentacles or accents.