Sunday, January 25, 2009

Never Enough

My avatar is on the left. That's Raven, my yarn-addicted, bacon-addicted feline. As soon as I laid out the hats for a photo, she had to intercede. Surprisingly, she stayed still for several shots, so she's in the blog post.
The hats are made from stash that I brought up from North Carolina and knit during a recent cold snap. One was made at my husband's request, who promptly went to Target and bought a $2.99 hat while I was knitting. ^$%$@!@ to him! Tom, you are higher on my knitlist than Ian now. Hat knitting is new and interesting because it uses up single skeins of yarn and I don't get bored, I can also indulge various ideas such as : chicken vikings, mohawks, Daleks, Space Invaders, R2D2, .......

It has occurred to me that I could start knitting a few things for good causes. The knitting I've done for other people has been kinda fun. Also, after years of volunteer work, I want to make a change. I need to find volunteer efforts that fit my current capabilities. I've spent years doing exhausting, often thankless work, to suit the convenience of other people. Charitable knitting might be a welcome change.

I've been looking at my stash and looking for good causes. I've contacted someone who wants to distribute items, such as hats, gloves, sweaters to the homeless in Baltimore. (no response yet) Johns Hopkins Pediatric Intensive Care Unit has a program that accepts items according to a rotating schedule. They have six seasonal projects, slippers, Halloween caps, amigurumi (toys), etc. That might be a lot of fun and allow for creativity, too. For now, I'm going to knit occasional items and fill up a box with donations. Never enough time, energy, money to serve others.

Friday, January 16, 2009

He Rocks

I couldn't be more pleased with the beanie or the wearer. They've just posted a new video which I've been listening to intently. He's on the far left side, playing bass and synths/keys I believe.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Wind Whistling Between His Ears

This hat needs to contact the head on the far right ASAP. It's clear to me that he's gone without for too long. A regular, disciplined, stretch in a recording studio, followed by hot chocolate and a vegetarian diet would be appropriate.

While this Bellflur member was out pillaging the South, I was at home knitting furiously. The result was this most excellent beanie which suits those who like chocolate, caffeine, and organic chemistry in one fell swoop. The guitarist gets the beanie as long as I get photos.

This wayward group of musicians has been a source of inspiration for my knitting, as previous posts will show. Currently, they inspire my vegetarian leanings.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Needs a New Hat

I've been sitting on this for a while. I got a message from Tom, who plays bass and guitar for bellflur, that he needed a new hat. Over the summer, I made prototypes, for a similar project that did not suit. Recently, I saw that he was cutting down on caffeine and I remembered the Heterocyclic Hat Pattern. Tom wears a brown hat, so I'm making a version using the molecular structures for caffeine (in coffee) and theobromine (in chocolate). It's in the final knit stages.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Mea Culpa Cat Blanket

I was decluttering and threw out a handmade cat bed. Two days later, I noticed that a skein of newly purchased yarn had disappeared. I went nuts and searched the house. My kids eventually found the yarn being held hostage in the basement. Next morning, I found a hairball in my knitting basket. Mea Culpa, the cat was angry that her bed was gone. I knit this blanket by way of compensation. It's knit with 2 skeins of Paton's Soy Wool Stripes and one skein of the solid yarn. The offering was accepted immediately, with one cat lying on it while it was still wet. In fact, the crease shown in the picture is due to the cats taking possesion before the blanket dried. Guess I know who's in charge.