Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Neckwarmer means your scarf ran out of yarn

I just could not leave this alone. Last fall I knit a scarf for C-los, who surprised me and chose red yarn. I totally fell in love with the yarn and stole a skein for myself. (Carlos, your scarf is one foot short as a result.) I started knitting my own project with the "stolen" yarn and NOTHING has come out right in five different attempts. I finally settled on a pattern, the Lamar Scarf, only to run out of yarn- hence it's a "neckwarmer". I will never wear this as a neckwarmer. Last night, after work I went back to the store to get more yarn. There was no hope of getting the same dyelot. I'm only hoping that the color jog will blend at the back of the neck or get buried in the cable crosses.

I'm also feeling guilty about not finishing the barcode project. Maybe I'll finish it in time for the new Bellflur album.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


This is the creation of a longtime friend. We reconnected and he told me about the video. I love his work. I totally get this.

I must point out that this video has both original images and music. It is the work of John Chadwick. John wrote the lyrics and the music and created the images. He performs with his brother Roger.

I first met John around middle school age, probably playing outdoors. We were in daily classes together during middle and high school. Even then, he had an interest in film making. Both John and Roger were a part of my daily life. I did not know how important that was.

He's always been part of me.