Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Really Fun Baby Legwarmers- Gift

My current project. The pattern is Eveie Peasy Baby Legwarmers. It's another really easy, fun, economical pattern. Basically, you knit two tubes about 11 inches in length. The pattern estimates that the circumference of the tube is 6 inches. I suspect it may be a bit larger. At any rate, my (small) hand fits inside quite nicely. The tube corresponds to a comfortable mitten. The pair shown at left is knit using a DK weight sock yarn, Moda Dea, Sassy Stripes. I've got some in both a pink and a blue version- perfect for baby gifts. One skein makes a pair of legwarmers. I plan on using the second skein (plus any remnants of the first) to make a matching shrug. If the shrug doesn't pan out, I can certainly make a hat. The notable feature of these legwarmers is that the ankle cuff is knit on size 2 needles. The body of the tube and the thigh cuff is knit on size 4 needles. For this yarn, each legwarmer used exactly two repeats of the color pattern. Lastly, it's a quick knit. I can knit a pair in a week for a fast gift. The person who developed the pattern stated that these were knit in the 3 months size but still fit her toddler because as the child grows, the legwarmers get moved down the leg. I agree with this since my hand fit inside easily. The pattern also gave instructions for larger sizes too.

Looking Glass

I am actually pretty happy with this project. It's knit from Springtime bandit and is my very first lace project. It was given as a gift, so I can post in now. I'm hoping I haven't already posted this..... I need to go back to check...... The color is Looking Glass. Yarn is KnitPicks Imagination. I can stop congratulating myself now.


I LOVE the way this turned out. It was knit in a fingering weight yarn. I am amazed at how much blocking lace benefits it. The scarf as knit was about 48 inches long. In other words, I knit until I was sick of it. The scarf was knit in two halves. Grafting the two portions in the center was difficult this time. I've done grafting before. This time, since the stitches were small (roughly size 3 needles), in dark yarn, and in garter stitch, it was a pain. I know I messed it up a few times. Anyway, after blocking...magic. The scarf grew from 48 to 70 inches. It got narrower. The pattern opened up. The grafting isn't noticeable to the casual observer. All I have to do is figure out if I want to give it away or keep it. The pattern is from the Rav Day Lace Workshop. The yarn is KnitPicks Palette in "Fairy Tale".

Baby Shrug

Completed, way too big baby shrug. This is one instance where Ravelry members were SO correct. Many people commented that this pattern ran big. I knit the pattern as written for the 3 months size. I used a size 6 circular needle and cotton yarn in a worsted weight. The garment measured about 23" for the chest, which is a toddler size. In this case, it doesn't matter because I am making unisex baby items. It would have been a disaster if I had a specific child and size in mind. Other than the size issue, I love the pattern. It does not take a lot of yarn, so it can be knit from stash (about 200 yards). The garment is knit in one piece. There is some sewing-up, but nothing too difficult. The shaping is easy. I am going to knit this pattern again, same 3 month size as written, using DK and/or sport yarn and smaller needles. I will also do some advance calculations to give me an idea of what dimensions I'll get knitting at my typical gauges. The pattern is from Debbie Bliss, Simply Baby, December 2006 and is free on the Internet.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Distributed Computing, Distributed Knitting

I am scatterbrained. These are the projects I am not working on and I feel guilty. I'll explain.

Distributed computing is the practice of using lots of computers to work on portions of a much larger project. I use my computer to do this for SETI and BOINC. The SETI project looks for signs of intelligent extraterrestrial life. My computer works on data from the Arecibo Array. Mycomputer also does calculations to help map the Milky Way. All well and good. Now back to knitting.

The projects shown ae the beginnings of a baby blanket and hat. The baby is not due until next Autumn, so I'm slacking off. In addition, I'm not having the baby, so I really don't feel any urgency about this. The problem is that I do feel urgency about lace knitting. That's what I've been doing. Besides that, I've got too many ideas in my mental queue and in bags around the house. I am also sick, sick, sick of the yarn in my stash. I want new yarn, which is totally unjustified, to say nothing of the beautiful new colors on the KnitPicks website. Here is what I'm doing, as of yesterday. I am spending a regular amount of time doing about one stripe section of the baby blanket. After that, I'm free to work on the nearly done lace scarf. The lace is now 45 inches done out of about 60 inches total. Once the lace is done, I can start on smaller, easily completed baby stuff d work until I have the gift stash ready. I am happy that the last of my other gifts has been given. I gave my boss the beret and scarf that I made for her on Friday. (today is Sunday) Maybe the real problem is that knitting for other people makes me anxious. I worry about whether they will like it fit, color, etc. I'm just driving myself nuts. What was my point? I am scatterbrained.......