Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Jelly fish

The photo shows jellyfish, "moon jellies", my current model and inspiration. Jellyfish, invertebrates and bioluminescence have been interests of mine for years. I want to do something that has a passing resemblance to the real creature. I don't like cutesy, anthropomorhic versions with faces.
I started out trying to use some of my stash of glow yarn, but it wasn't right. I want to get something that is truly transparent or at least translucent. I've tried knitting strips of thin clear plastic from the dry cleaners. It was just awful, soft slippery, sticky at the wrong time, very frustrating. Besides that, at the end of the evening, my husband was making comments about my "descent into madness". Next morning, the plastic went into the trash. I went out and purchased two thicknesses of nylon monofilament fishing line to try. It is knittable. I am trying to find a tolerable way to start this project. Once established, it should work well. I will get the transparency I want and will use glow-in-the-dark yarn for the luminous parts.

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