Sunday, January 24, 2010

Virgin Tiger Moth Shawl Update

Here are photos of the shawl so far. I just finished knitting the base shawl two days ago. It took seven skeinc of Patons Chunky Shetland Tweed in Charcoal Grey. I started with seven stitches and increased every other row until I had 228 stitches and ran out of yarn. The borders are in seed stitch. The photo on the left shows the shawl laid out with a temporary gridwork to help me place the graphic. The vertical lines are placed every 10 columns. I also have markers placed vertically every 25 rows. The phot0 on the left shows my "pixellated" photo of a Virgin Tiger Moth. The actual chart is about 220 stitches by 70 rows, which does not fit the shawl exactly. I have done a sketch, in pencil of a moth on a graph that is closer to the dimensions of the knit piece. Between the two diagrams, I am duplicate stitching the insect graphic. I have just started on the head and will next outline the abdomen. From there, I will work the wings on either side.

The triangular shape reminded be of Art Nouveau and Art Deco jewelry, which I just love. The only problem I have with this project is that I can't make it scientifically accurate. I've been wrestling with the charts the entire time I spent knitting the shawl and simply couldn't work that part out practically.

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