Sunday, February 7, 2010

My Chicken Viking Hats

I took a quick break from other projects to make two Chicken Viking Hats for some friends. I've wanted to make this design for about a year. The hats are made in worsted weight yarn, wool or wool blend. I used one skein for each hat. I did not have quite enough yarn to make the earflaps that are shown on the original model. I knit the drumsticks separately and sewed them on because it allowed me to judiciously use the last of my yarn. I found two friends who could use them. Mark is someone I've known since college. Mark, his wife Wendy, and I were all on the same dorm floor freshman year of college. For him, this is a "spherical chicken". The other hat is for the character "Gailia Chive" who has been doing wonderful cooking-inspired skits in the Philadelphia area for years. I will also make at least one more a surprise gift.

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