Thursday, August 5, 2010

Brandywine Pattern for Haiti

That's half a shawl there. I'm making it in the pink that won't go away. For some odd reason, I keep ending up with that shade of pink/salmon/papaya. I have a sweater that I bought in that shade. I had a stash of it in my yarn suitcase that has follwed me through 3 different states! I knit up the entire supply and gave it as a gift. No sooner than I mail the package, than I buy laceweight yarn on sale and look what color I see when it arrives!!!! Totally unconscious on my part. Two skeins of laceweight- knitting purgatory for me. I have discovered that I do NOT ike knitting laceweight yarn at all. In order to preserve my sanity, I have doubled this stuff up and it is STILL laceweight. Even doubled, it is finer than fingering weight yarn. The actual project is the Brandywine Shawl by Romi. I chose it after a couple of weeks of dithering. Proceeds from the pattern ($5.00 of the $6.50 price) go to Doctors Without Borders/Medecins Sans Frontieres for Haiti Relief. Perfect choice. Amazingly, as of July 4, 2010, $13,000 has been sent from the sale of this pattern.


bunnits said...

What a delicious color. I also like the pattern of the shawl. It's really time I started another project.

gilding said...

Thanks. I am making an effort to use or buy yarn in colors that coordinate with my clothes. That's why I'm making shawlettes, aside from the interest. They're something I might wear.