Thursday, February 17, 2011

HairyAss TARDIS Socks

That is EXACTLY how I feel about this project, right now. Knitting the socks themselves is OK. The @#$$%^^ glow-in-the-dark yarn is something else. The yarn in question is Nightlights. It is a long-filament, 100% nylon sliver/roving. It won't hold a twist. As a result, the fibers form a hairy-ass hot mess unless you use them exactly right.
My first attempt was NOT right. Damn, I had glow-in-the-dark spew all over everything. It tangled and snagged and $$#@!@%%^& all over everything. Much frogging and some rather nasty language resulted. I spent yesterday re-knitting, slowly, but with a better result. Now on to the next sock. I hope to post the next photos under UV light so you can see the glow. Supposedly the yarn glows for 4 hours on it's own. We shall see.


Arzu said...

I've been coveting glow-in-the-dark yarn for years, but never thought about how it might knit up. Sounds unpleasant. I've always wanted to knit it in with white yarn to make a secret message embedded into a knit item.

gilding said...

Glow yarn is definitely only good as an accent. I'm not absolutely why but it probably relates to the process used to embed the fluorescent pigment.