Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Augustine Cowl

 I have a fairly new coworker named Bonnie. She was hired last Autumn to replace someone who relocated to another state. A few days ago, I found Bonnie is tears at her desk. Her daughter had been deployed to Afghanistan and was en route. The travel time is about 48 hours total. It broke my heart to   see Bonnie in such distress, but I am relieved to report that her daughter arrived safely. She will be away for about six months.
 Yesterday, I wore a knit scarf to work. The pattern is called Augustine and is shown in detail above. The triangular scarf  is knit with a fingering-weight wool sock yarn, KnitPicks' Imagination. The color is called Looking Glass. Bonnie admired the scarf and I offered to make something for her. I had already planned to make something, planning for have it ready for her birthday or Christmas. In other wordsplenty of time.

I should KNOW better by now.  Don't try this at home. I think from now on, I will keep my mouth shut and knit things as a surprise, on my own terms.  When I asked Bonnie what she might like, she told me that she wanted fingerless gloves, in off white. No problem.  Somehow, that changed into a green  infinity scarf to be completed by St. Patrick's Day. Today is February 27th. There goes all my free time for the next 2 weeks! 

The green yarn that I will be using is also from KnitPicks. The color is called Frog Prince, now discontinued.  The yarn can be seen in the small photo above, taken from a previous project.

The Augustie pattern has a real bonus in that it expands wonderfully due to dropped stitches. I haven't done a pattern like this in a long time. I am hoping this is a VERY quick project.

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bunnits said...

My heart goes out to your friend and my prayers for her and her daughter.

I love the pattern. The color is great for the season. I know your plight in terms of getting things finished. I am sure many of us knitters experience the same thing many times. Most of the time.