Friday, July 19, 2013

Tatting class project

The tatted project shown, is Rhapsody, from a pattern written by Yarnplayer, Marilee Rocklee. She is a great tatting resource. Marilee has an online Shuttle Tatting class that I am taking. Although I taught myself the basics of tatting years ago, I'm only now getting serious about it. This course is great for reinforcing my skills and taking them to the next level.
The project shown, Rhapsody, is quite pretty. I've made it in a pumpkin-colored thread, Lizbeth size 20.
Given the heatwave we are having, tatting is perfect. It's small and fits in my pocket. I almost always have a shuttle in my pocket these days. It's a nice change from knitting.
I may make this motif in a number of colors to give away.

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