Saturday, July 12, 2008

Blood, Knit & Tears

Take note of the sharp points on the very thin needles. I have finally managed to injure myself knitting. A cable/internet service call and several days of PMS were contributing factors. This afternoon, we had a service technician call. As usual, my husband made sure that he was out of the house for this appointments(today is a weekend). Near the end of the service call, the tech asked me to sign the receipt. I refused to sign until all services were fully restored. Things got tense, but I eventually got what I needed. Shortly after the service tech left, I accidentally drove one of the pictured size 000 steel needles about 1/4-inch into the fleshy part of my palm. For once, I was shocked speechless. It wasn't as painful as you'd expect. My hand is bandaged and I am still knitting. The project is being knit in black crochet cotton, which is difficult to see and has NO elasticity. The early stages of this project are massively frustrating. I'm knitting out of sheer spite. Still, it was the most appropriate choice my stash had to offer.
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