Monday, July 14, 2008

Gauge Swatch ^$#@$&#!

The photo above shows a "swatch" that came out SMALLER than the graph. I charted that design on 10 x 10 graph paper. If knit to match the graph, the sample would have been a 2" x 3" rectangle. Instead it's about one third smaller. Sample knit with size 10 crochet cotton on size 000 steel needles. I was worried that I couldn't get enough detail in this project. That won't be a problem... I also managed to knit the chart backwards. I realized this above 3 rows into the chart, but decided to continue. At this gauge, I'm knitting out of sheer spite. By the time I finished this, my hands were cramped and my puncture wound from the day day hurt. Sheer spite.


Jen in CT said...

this looks really interesting. what is it going to be when it's all knitted up??? (i wasn't able to read the previous post--it used a font not compatible w/ my computer...)

pdq-ink said...

Oh thank heavens someone else had the font trouble - I thought it was me. O Silly one, some of the pages come up as dingbats instead of text - why I dunno.