Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Nearly done. This is the second try on the edge. Originally, I tried a slip stitch type of ribbing. Unfortunately it did not lie flat. It was wavy and the edges curled. After completing two sides, (one short and one long) I ripped it out and started over. As much as I hated that, it was better to have a decent-looking finish on this project. This time, I picked up about 20-25% fewer stitches on the long edges and worked a simple K1P1 ribbing with mitered corners. It's simple, lies flat and is effective. Each row of the ribbing changes color. Every other row is done in light teal, for consistency. The alternate rows are worked in stripes of all the other colors.. I've worked the ribbing for about 3-4 inches (length of my index finger). In real terms, that means I worked the ribbing until I was sick of it. Since each round had at LEAST 600 stitches......I was unusually patient. I worked 12 rounds......

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