Thursday, September 3, 2009

Transition Metals and Rare Earths

Actually, this is from a couple of days ago. I stretched out the knitting so I could get a sense of the overall project. (Of course a cloud passed over to change the lighting while I was working.) Interestingly enough, the letters look better from a distance. That is what I need to see. When I work on the individual stitches, I lose perspective and get totally fixated.....pixellated, if you will. Stepping back allows me to see that potassium (K) needs an extra stiche and thatI want to replace the dark green bars between the Reactive Metals and the blanks blocks for the Rare Earths. The Transition Metals and Rare Earths are the longest running portion of the Table. I really want to work steadily so that I don't put it down and start to procrastinate. If I pick up anything else now, this project is DOOMED.

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