Thursday, May 6, 2010

Lace Weight Control Freak

Working on the Evelyn Clark Old Shale Shawl. I’ve done samples of Old Shale before and it is easy, only 4 lines I think. It’s a good introduction or nearly automatic lace knit. Right now I am trying to figure out when to start the lace border. For this pattern it is difficult because the lace weight yarn goes so far. I’ve been knitting endlessly and the ball seems like it will last forever! I’ve now gotten crazy enough that I’m taking it to work with me and weighing it on the postal scale. So far here was no measurable change in weight over a 24 hour period. Eventually there will be a blog post about this once I get measurable progress. The project IS getting bigger, but the gauge is so fine, 8.3 stitches per inch that it is SLOW. I need to use a more sensitive balance. Actually, I have one that I could dig out. My scientific balance will weigh to hundredths of a gram. I just need to accept the fact that I am crazy enough to do that. I already estimated that the yarn run 8 yards to the gram. It could get much worse….as soon as I get the balance that has the proper sensitivity. I'll take a photo perhaps at work so you can see the scale in use. The photo at the upper left was taken about three days ago. The piece is now about double that size, but there is no measurable change in weight. I need a more sensitive balance. I don't want to start the lace edge until I have used up 60-70 % of the yarn.

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