Saturday, June 12, 2010

Skein of Spite

The photo at left shows how I spent an entire weekend! I spent a three-day weekend winding yarn and ended up so sore that I took Aleve for a couple days after. I'm still not quite finished yet! But it is one pound of SILK.

Backstory: Years ago, I splurged and bought o pound of undyed, raw silk yarn, fingering weight. I think it is about 1600 yards. The yarn arrived, in one huge skein and two 6-8 inch "wheels". I have been totally intimidated by the fact that this yarn is SILK and have carried it around with me through three different states. Meanwhile, prices have gone up. This yarn is worth more than I can afford. After knitting a ton of small projects and knitting lots of stash for the past two years, (nevermind any spontaneous yarn purchases), I'm gong to knit myself a sweater. It's time. Originally, I only knit sweaters. This will be the first in years. I've spent months dithering over a pattern and design issues. (Translation, I've gained weight and my behind got fat).

I got the yarn together. This was no problem because I have been visiting it periodically over the years. I open up the big skein. It was huge. The skein did not fit on my niddy noddy- too large. The thickness was about 4 inches when laid on a table. All of it tangled. I spent all of my free time winding and untangling one skein. So far I have five balls wound, each the size of a baseball. I still have a portion of the skein left, perhaps one more ball. I've made a swatch and started to knit. Meanwhile, that remainder sits beside me looking like the cats had a festival. I feel guilty enough that I'll try to finish it up this weekend.

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bunnits said...

This definitely looks like a cat party--there have been a few at my house over the years, especially when I am trying to untangle skeins and wind balls of yarn. Your progress looks good. Don't give up. Just keep thinking of that sweater.