Saturday, June 12, 2010

Weaponized Crochet

My kid gets credit for this idea. Periodically, I ask (beg) him for ideas to make. It is his duty to supply me with information on video games, manga and anime. I have an interest, but he is MUCH better at staying current. Anyway, he suggested this a while ago and I liked it. This is from a video game, Katamari Damacy. It's fun! This particular project is in crochet, which I use as needed. Some things are just not suited to knitting. Here is the pattern for a Magnetic Katamari.Andrew picked the colors from my stash. The details..... the sphere is crocheted in two halves, which are sewn together. the sphere is roughly the size of a soft ball. The original Katamari was stuffed with fiberfill. Mine also has a rigid inner foundation in the form of a plastic canvas ball frame. The red and white nubs are crocheted separately, filled with a pair of magnets then sewn onto the base. I made the project over one weekend. The major pitfall in this project is finding magnets strong enough to be effective through a layer of yarn. I bought two kinds of magnets at the local craft store. The base magnet is a cheap, 3/4 inch bulk magnet. It supports a pricier, stronger rare earth magnet that was only available in a small size. If I make another one of these, I will plan ahead and buy rare earth magnets online in the size I need. This is a good geek gift. It would also be good for someone to play with at their desk.

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