Saturday, September 18, 2010

Hillbilly Not Witch

This is not working out as I had envisioned. It has no style yet. No panache. Says "corncob pipe" rather than...magic. The hat is knit and felted. That part is OK. The spider is OK. The structure sux. I have tried fabric stiffener. No luck, but everything else around me is stiff, sticky and stained white. That product does WONDERS with cat hair.

I have also bought felt to make a supportive lining. What a pain. Felt, plus a stiff wire is almost enough for the brim. Felt alone works for the cone.

Third and final solution.....I got a cheap witches hat at a discount store. Put my hat over the cheap on. The brim is supported. I still need a felt lining in the cone. I will stretch the brim and overcast it to the wired rim of the inner hat. Not elegant, but I won't be wearing this all that much. Finally, I wore the hat inside when I bought it. Easiest way to carry the packages. My husband saw me entering the house in the witches hat and got vaguely disturbed. He said it looks too appropriate for his taste.


bunnits said...

Oh, that is just adorable!!

gilding said...

Thanks. I'm still adding to it. I work for a private library so at Halloween I come as a book character. This year will be Harry Potter's Madame Sprout.