Thursday, October 7, 2010

Pokeball Hat

I'm not exactly enamored of the picture, but sometimes it's good to model the knitting. If you have kids, you know what this is. It is a Pokeball Hat, named after the TV show/card and time suck known as Pokemon. I made this in a couple of days for a friend of my kids, now college age. He's actually wearing it with glee. He wore it around the backstage area of school. I've been asked to do a plain black beanie for the Tech. Director. I'm happy to oblige since this teacher has done a lot for my kids. Also, this was a nice diversion from the other projects that are preloading the guilt. I'm am back to diligently working on the Brandywine Shawl. When it is done, I will not be buying laceweight yarn for a long time, even on sale! Way too time consuming for my taste. I've got a lot of yarn that I'd rather be knitting, in prettier colors.

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bunnits said...

I love this! It takes me back to when the kids were in middle school and Pokemon consumed our lives. Boy, were we fans! Thanks for the memories.