Monday, January 3, 2011

Looooong shawl

A process shot of the Chadwick Shawl. It is just, just, finished and in blocking. It took me a long time to knit this one, partly because the last rows were more than 300 stitches and 5 feet long before blocking. Once I figure out how to wrap it, I'll put up a photo. For once, I will try to put up a rare shot of me wearing a knit.
Another reason that this shawl took so long is that I got a virus for the holidays. I'm still feeling pretty bad, but going to work, anyway. I've been too sick to knit or even, really, read. For me, that is a terrible thing. I am definitely still sick. I've edited this post several times for typos.

1 comment:

bunnits said...

So sorry to hear you've been ill. No fun any time of year.

The shawl looks good and I'm waiting to see in on you. :)

I tend to try to avoid projects that require casting on lots and lots of stitches for looong pieces. I'm kind of lazy like that. For some reason, though, I don't mind starting at a small end and increasing to a longer finish. There are so many lovely shawls out there. I should get over my laziness. Maybe I'll try to work on that this year.