Monday, May 30, 2011

Knit Godzilla

This project is evolving. Originally, it started out as a dream that incorporated the Areceibo Message and......I forget. It has been through variations that may incorporate a quote from MLK, my head (knit in), Kente patterns, Asante motifs, circuit boards, Star Wars, etc. etc. etc.

I opened the topic for discussion on Facebook and never looked back. My friends made suggestions that I add Godzilla, the Bat Signal, Superman.....what have you.

Godzilla has actually been knit in, after much angst. I've spent a lot of time pixellating various still shots and images from the movies. The next step was to choose those images that could be knit in at the correct resolution/size for the scale of the scarf. I finally chose a photo that showed Godzilla approaching through a fog. It was the best choice in terms of size. I had to sacrifice some details, but this is a scarf, not a blanket. I am already knitting this at twice the "resolution" of a typical scarf. Overall, I'm knitting quadruple the stitch count of a typical pattern.

The next step, in progress, is to show a building under attack. After that, I may do a section of elevated trains. After that, it's back to the city.