Sunday, November 9, 2008


Still engaged with the barcode expressed in knitting idea. So far I have learned that barcode is difficult to process with human sensibilities ( obvious to everyone else, but I had to do it myself). The photo shows, from left to right, a swatch done positive/negative, the current graph, the current knit. The swatch taught me that for this pattern, it doesn't matter which color is dominant. The dominant color will will be determined later. My first graph was accurate in terms of line spacing. I was able to truncate the pattern to fit on legal paper without losing the sense of the design. Finally, to redeem myself, the actual piece is going to become a mini scarf with openings for my iPod and cellphone. The scarf is a double knit tube, which hides yarn ends and allows me to do single-row stripes. Anyone who has read this far should be congratulated. I know I'm on a hopeless tangent.

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