Sunday, November 9, 2008

The No-Commitment Christmas Stocking

I've been feeling so guilty for years. When I was pregnant, I knit a beautiful, Fair-Isle, wool Christmas stocking. Then I had to go and have TWO children. I have bought stuff at craft shows, but there is such a difference between the stockings. In fairness, the Fair-Isle stocking is tucked away with the other "Thou shalt not touch" items.

In the interest of destashing...I'm making stockings. I have six non-matching skeins of red wool in my stash. I'm sure that I intended to make a red sweater at some time. This would have been a serious offense. The yarn color is labeled "Tomato" and that is exactly what I would have looked like. In wool.

The stockings are "no-commitment" because I'm figuring out the design as I go along. I knit a flat length of stockinette, with stitches reserved for Elizabeth Zimmerman's Afterthought Toes and Heels. I can duplicate stitch a message or graphic, then seam and finish. Each family member gets a say in the design on their stocking- up to a point. This one is for my husband. He is a programmer so he gets Binary code. The message is up to me. Since he is Scottish, one side will read "Auld Lang Syne'. The reverse side is, classified. If he gets me mad.... imagine the possibilities...

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Lina said...

Found your blog from Ravelry Comments Group. :)

I love you stocking idea of getting each family member to add their own embellishments. It's a much much much better use for the tomato-red skeins than the sweater for sure, LOL.