Thursday, November 27, 2008

Three Feet

Here's the current state of the stockings. The photo on the top right shows the stocking for my younger son. He's chosen a heraldic dragon motif. The original graph is from "The Tap-Dancing Lizard", but I have modified it slightly to fit the stocking. That means I can't see straight enough to follow the graph exactly.
On the lower right are the Binary and Claymore Stockings. Technically, these are ready for finishing, but I'm not done yet. The Binary version has a seed stitch cuff, chosen because it lies flat and stiff. I am surprised that this cuff tends to have a diagonal slant. I'll need to add a few stitches to keep the cuff in place. The Claymore was chosen by my son to highlight a new anime series. Since he's half Scottish, the claymore works very well. The Claymore has a ribbed cuff. I still want to add something to this one.
I think that I will do celtic knots on the reverse of all the stockings. TBA. There may be a fourth stocking in development.

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cici said...

That's a cool stocking. I have never done anything like that. Good job.