Sunday, August 30, 2009

Periodic Table: Chart of Updated Elements

Here is my graph of the recent updates to the Periodic Table of the Elements. My update is based on the original charts of Avital Pinnick. I am insanely grateful to Avital for having such a great idea. Avital's Periodic Table Sweater and original charts can be found at her blog, This and That. I have used her layout and style so that the new or changed elements can be incorporated right in with the elements that she charted. I have chosen to arrange my project according to the 2007 (most recent) IUPAC version of the Table. I have also chosen to add element 112, Copernicum, which was officially named this year. I will also probably add the temporarily named elements that have three-letter symbols. I have charted these symbols, but had to compress the letters. I would suggest duplicate stitching the temporary symbols so that official symbols could be added later. I'll add photos as the new elements get stitched into my shawl.

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