Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I LOVE the way this turned out. It was knit in a fingering weight yarn. I am amazed at how much blocking lace benefits it. The scarf as knit was about 48 inches long. In other words, I knit until I was sick of it. The scarf was knit in two halves. Grafting the two portions in the center was difficult this time. I've done grafting before. This time, since the stitches were small (roughly size 3 needles), in dark yarn, and in garter stitch, it was a pain. I know I messed it up a few times. Anyway, after blocking...magic. The scarf grew from 48 to 70 inches. It got narrower. The pattern opened up. The grafting isn't noticeable to the casual observer. All I have to do is figure out if I want to give it away or keep it. The pattern is from the Rav Day Lace Workshop. The yarn is KnitPicks Palette in "Fairy Tale".

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