Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Baby Shrug

Completed, way too big baby shrug. This is one instance where Ravelry members were SO correct. Many people commented that this pattern ran big. I knit the pattern as written for the 3 months size. I used a size 6 circular needle and cotton yarn in a worsted weight. The garment measured about 23" for the chest, which is a toddler size. In this case, it doesn't matter because I am making unisex baby items. It would have been a disaster if I had a specific child and size in mind. Other than the size issue, I love the pattern. It does not take a lot of yarn, so it can be knit from stash (about 200 yards). The garment is knit in one piece. There is some sewing-up, but nothing too difficult. The shaping is easy. I am going to knit this pattern again, same 3 month size as written, using DK and/or sport yarn and smaller needles. I will also do some advance calculations to give me an idea of what dimensions I'll get knitting at my typical gauges. The pattern is from Debbie Bliss, Simply Baby, December 2006 and is free on the Internet.

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