Thursday, August 27, 2009

Periodic Table Knit pt. 2

I've put in the Reactive Metals and am starting to fill in the Transition Metals, along with the Lanthanoids and Actinoids. I'm doing the groups together so I can keep everything aligned properly. Tentatively, the Transition Metals have been worked in a variegated blue yarn, shown at left. Surprisingly, the photos help me decide which colors work best. When I am stitching, I am too close to the work. The photo provides a real sense of detachment.

The variegated blues may be too pale to read in the lightest areas. I will try the next few blocks using the darker sections. Based on the sample, I'll try the following.....

Outlines in blue/green twist and variegated blues.
Transition Metals- medium/darker blues
Lanthanoids- Blue/green twist
Actinoids- Blue/lavender variegated

The newer elements are coming up. The chart that I am using for the majority of the elements comes from the Periodic Table Sweater by Apinnick.

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Kate said...

From one geek to another - this is an awesome project!