Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Pink Beanie, Decidedly Delicate

What I'm working on right now. The pattern is from Ravelry, called Decidedly Delicate. It has an easy 4 row pattern repeat. I'm making two hats, one each on size 8 and size 9 circular or double point needles. Nice, fun, mindless knitting. I'm making the hats for two girls, one will be turning 9 soon and one who will be somewhat older. The pink yarn is a departure for me, but I like it. It was chosen by one of the (future) gift recipients.
Stiil playing with trim. One girl wants a bow. The first hat has a crocheted flower trim,- my call. We will see about the bow.....

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bunnits said...

Oh, I love that pattern. And the lovely pink yarn. I'll have to check out making one for my daughter.