Friday, August 7, 2009

Jellyfish I

These photos are what I have at the moment. The jellyfish could be considered complete, but I think additional tentacles are needed. I need to give it a good long stare in a dark room (it glows). Then I will try out tentacles and various accents in s "glow", pink, or clear cord. The clear cord is being reserved for a transparent knit first. These photos were taken with the unwilling cooperation of two surly teenagers who specified they be edited out.

Details: This was knit using two skeins of Bernat "Glow in the dark" Yarn in white. I used size 7 needles, both double point and a 24" circular. For the body, I cast on 174 stitches on the double point needles and did 10 paired decreased evenly around the circle every other row. Then i closed the center. The tentacles were formed from a long (6-7 foot) length of ruffle. I knit this by filling a 24" circular needle with stitches. I knit a row, then formed a double increase in each stitch, to form the frill. I knit for about 1.5 inches in garter stitch and bound off the ruffle.
Assembly: Weave a length of yarn around the edge of the circle leaving long ends, to form a drawstring. Use the drawstring to pull the edge of the circle in until the shape is pleasing. Stuff the bell if you like. The ruffled strip was folded into quarters and attached to the body. I also used a cardboard circle to hold in the stuffing. For now, the tentacles are tied to the cardboard circle. They may be attached directly to the body once I finalize the shape a add additonal tentacles or accents.

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bunnits said...

I love the jellyfish, both the photos of the moon jellies and your knit jellies. Years ago, I did some in macrame and later in papier mache. I wonder what happened to them? Maybe time to do more?