Thursday, March 18, 2010

Bored and soforth

I'm am feeling distinctly uncreative at the moment. The Virgin Tiger Moth Shawl is sitting in a bag making me feel guilty. Finishing it will be akin to embroidering a football field. Of COURSE I'm not sure I have enough yarn. That just adds something. I am also working on some babies' things. Gender to be determined. My friend has blessedly told me that she is not due until next Autumn, so I have TIME. Learning to do lace, which is the current obsession. Finally, I have done gift items for something like 10 people since the school year began. It'll do. I'm just.....way outta whack.

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bunnits said...

I can certainly relate to your feelings of being "out of whack." I feel that way a lot these days and wonder if things will ever be normal (what is that?) again.

I'm looking forward to seeing progress reports on the Gypsy Moth shawl