Monday, March 8, 2010


The photos above are a study in value/contrast, dark vs. light...chiarascuro. the two scarves are knit identically. Both are knit on the same needles, same pattern, same 100% wool worsted yarn. The on,y difference between them is color. This is a great illustration of the principle that patterns show to best advantage in light colored yarn. I did not set out to illustrate this. originally, I was furiously working on a gift for someone. I chose a color that I thought would look good on her and that she probably had in her wardrobe. The scarf was 2/3 complete when I heard her say that she had lost her black beret and really wanted to replace it. I immediately started on the black scarf and will make a black beret to match. I'm on a tight schedule with this. Lots of birthdays coming up. I've done gifts for EIGHT people lately.......I hope to do some work on the insect stuff soon.

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