Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Cables & Seeds, 2 Hats, 2 Scarves, Too Much

Done. Originally I set out to make a triangular shawl...for myself. The yarn was so pretty that I decided to give it to my best friend as a birthday gift. (no photo because her birthday is in 2 weeks) My boss has a birthday shortly after that. I started the pink scarf for her. When the scarf was 2/3 done my boss mentioned that she lost her black beret and hadn't been able to replace it. I cast a black scarf onto the same needles and knit pink and black scarves concurrently. As the pink was finished, it was bound off and I got caught up with the black. I found a beret pattern that coordinates with the scarf pattern (original). Made that in black. As I finished the beret....I found a last bit of the pink yarn and eked out a matching cap. I knit until my hands were sore on these. The photo at left shows the finished "sets" and nicely illustrates why it is so much easier to knit texture patterns in light color yarn. Shadows and contrast are everything.

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