Saturday, March 20, 2010

Lace Lesson

That's 100 rows of garter stitch lace there. In fingering yarn, KnitPicks Palette, Fairy Tale color. I have to knit the OTHER point, then knit 5 feet of "middle lace". Finally I get to graft the two together. I'd better be massively serene by the time I finish this. The pattern came from Ravelry, Rav Day Lace Workshop Scarves. The color is best described as "beets". After 2 days of looking at this yarn I now have beets roasting in the oven and beet greens simmering on the stove. Making vinaigrette (balsamic) to go with that.
Back to knitting. Originally, I started this project (on St. Patrick's Day no less) in a beautiful green handpainted laceweight yarn. Fifty rows of that weren't looking right or doing right. I tried several sizes of needles, bamboo and aluminum and hated it. Frogged. Laceweight yarn is so fine that I need to have exactly the right needles to control it and I don't have them yet. I switched to the fingering yarn shown above and the difference is amazing. Fingering yarn now feels thick and squishy. Overall, I'm pleased. The lace is coming along nicely and the holes are placed correctly. After blocking, it should look nice.

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bunnits said...

Looking good! I love the color--and beets are one of my favorite foods!